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Easy and Simple Trading Tools

Our Goals



Our mission is to bring to our Clients durable, dynamic and affordable smart tech gadgets and to offer Exceptional service for Exceptional Customers.



Our vision is to become the leading all-in-one online destination, offering the best services and products in a single platform.



Quality, sustainability, integrity and respect are our core principles and philosophical ideals. We strive for greatness every day.

About Us

SelectivTech is our brand name under Moditech Ltd (THE COMPANY) which was incorporated with registration number HE445946 and registration date as of 10/04/2023 offering tech products via our online shop.

We have created our brand having as Our Mission to offer selective tech products that will meet the needs and wants of our clients and keep them in trend with Internet of Things that makes our daily life easier & comfortable. For this to be achieved, we have partnerships with Top global manufacturers & suppliers to make sure we offer best satisfaction to our customers with our quality products at competitive prices and in the last trends.

Company ID
Name: Moditech Ltd
Comp. Reg. No: HE445946
VAT Reg. No: 60007455D


 Experience with  "Certified Quality"

 Best Deals

Special offers for special occasions.

24/7 Support

One Team with one mission to provide Excellent service for Excellent Customers.

Free Shipping

With purchases above €100 we offer free shipping.


One-Stop Service,

Save time and effort with our convenient solutions, designed to streamline processes and make your life easier.

Secure Payment

Secure information by encryption of data with SSL and TLS security algorithms.

Free Replacement

If you are not happy or you don't like your product you can send it back to us and replace for free. Please note that terms & conditions apply.

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